The rochester beer project

What is the rbp?

The RBP is a project that explores the idea that craft beer can not only be well crafted and drinkable, but an experience which can evoke an exciting response from all of 5 senses.

Pleasing numerous aromas, color varieties and intriguing can art often captures the attention, especially when creativity is applied in a BIG way.

When creativity and design is captured and used for a great tasting beer, people's conversations, thoughts and creativity are jump started!

Sometimes taking the art of craft beer into a different interactive space not much different from infamous interactive artist Banksy

Were you aware of their existence?

Beard Beer, Pig Bones Beer, Bull Tesitical Beer, Spit Beer, Oyster Beer, Weed Beer, Ghost Pepper Beer, Album Release on a Beer can!

Does this sound familiar?

Walking the beer isle rows of beers in front of you from every everywhere in the world, with attractive can and convincing can art all reading with descriptions sounding delicious. How do you choose?!

After reading a reading several labels you choose one of the four packs.

Price being any indication of quality, the one you picked for $14.99 should be a winner. Right? But after that first sip you soon've made a HUGE mistake.

A few years ago, when fewer breweries existed, going from zero knowledge to having a decent beer palate came a lot easier. Those more experienced took it upon themselves to walk newcomers through flavor discovery. Everyone knew it came with the territory. Over the last 10 years the rate of craft beer growth has been staggering so its understandable how that lent to today's overwhelming choices.

Growth Contributing Factors

1970s - 2000's

Beer Industry Growth

2000 - 2016 Growth

U.S. Craft Beer Growth Statistics

Fortune Magazine

Brewers Association

Chicago Tribune

Craft Beer's New Explosion

China Craft Beer

Japan Craft Beer

What is a good beer?

Who decides what is good?

If I think a beer is great, is it possible I could be wrong if "professional" beer connoisseurs don't agree?

There's got to be a better way to figuring it out, right? Of course!

This is where we hope to bring balance back to the force by teaching YOU how to answer these questions for yourself.

Everyone has different tastes. But educating you on the basics of how flavor works, how taste buds bring information to the brain to interpret flavors, will help you to discover for yourself what is or isn't great beer.


In this part of the project, Rochesterian's get to try beers from many other places. We want people to be exposed to how one beer style can be masterfully interpreted in so many different and distinct ways.

Molly tries a Chicago Beer!

Peter tries the Juice Canon!

Jason Tries a Collaboration!

Emily tries Hubbard's Cave: IPA!

This section of the project will be dedicated to taking our beer project on the road to see how different beers styles and makes that are loved here are loved elsewhere. Stay tuned weekly!

Chicagians Enjoy Rohrbach's Scotch Ale!

Chicagians Enjoy Fifth Frame's Mirrored Berrised!